About Retail Adlabs

Retail AdLabs drives sales

Our technology uses prediction algorithms to find users who are likely to place an order. We apply this capability at scale. Retail AdLabs reaches 100% of Russian internet users.

100% reach

Using exclusive access to our own network (AdLabs Media Network) and integrations with leading RTB exchanges (Google, Between and others) we can easily reach every internet user in Russia and CIS.

Audience reach


Our technologies were created with one purpose - to increase sales:

Retargeting and dynamic retargeting with real-time creative optimization

User segments (look alike targeting, post-search targeting, behavioural targeting)

Retail Adlabs Publisher Network

We work with Russia's leading fashion and lifestyle publishers.

Conventional ad units

Advertise your whole catalogue with "Online Shopping" section (examples: shop.wmj.ru, shop.passion.ru)

Распределение аудитории сети Ритейл Адлабс по полу

Распределение аудитории сети Ритейл Адлабс по полу и возрасту, по географии


Typically 2-8% of clicks from Retail AdLabs turn into order.

We track all conversions in real-time using custom integration with merchants or ourJS pixel:

Campaigns are optimized automatically and in real-time based on conversion data

We are separating direct and associated orders

Our pixel is light-weight and does not slow the site

The pixel is fully compatible with Google Tag Manager and other tag management systems

Ad Format

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