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Ad Requirements
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Tracking pixel

Ad Requirements

The ad and the landing page should satisfy current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus and the Russian Federation.

The ad’s text should be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.

The ad should correspond to the chosen content category.

The landing page should match the ad’s content. The ad should not mislead the user in any way.

The ad’s text should not contain uppercase words, with the exception of abbreviations.

The ad should not link to an IP-address or to any type of downloadable and executable files (such as .exe). The landing page should not contain any links to such files.

The advertiser should not use multiple identical ads (ads with identical texts, images) in one account. Such identical ads would be blocked.

In cases where URL is a redirect-page, this should be clearly stated in the interface along with the actual landing page URL.

The advertiser should not significantly change the content of the landing page after submitting the ad for moderation.

The administration retains the right to block any advert in the system at any time.

XML Description

Uploading a product list to the system gives you access to a lot of useful functionality and targetings, including dynamic retargeting.

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Tracking pixel

Tracking pixel is an essential part of Retail AdLabs.

It tracks orders and splits them into direct and associated.

It enables personalised targetings: retargeting, dynamic retargeting, targeting by audience segments.

The tracker is loaded asynchronously, so it does not slow your site. It is fully compatible with Google Tag Manager and other tag management systems.

Ad Format

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