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Audience segments

Audience Segments: How does it work?

We collect a lot of data about our users via our publisher network and a number of independent data suppliers. There are more than 600 million user profiles in the system at any time. Each profile consists of search queries, browsing history, gender and age (if available from third-party sources), geographical locations and other information.

Our data analysts use machine learning to process this information and come up with useful audience segments: "Fashion shoppers", "Gadget shoppers", "Tourists" and so on.

Using Retail AdLabs you can target ad campaigns to specific segments and sub-segments. This allows you to reach new audience while maintaining high conversion levels.

Audience targeting works:

Ads are highly relevant to users' current interests. User profiles used for targeting only contain fresh information.

This is an ideal way to reach new audience without compromises on quality of traffic.


Medium/high conversion levels


Narrow segments result in small volumes

Ad format

Picture (200х200)
+ Product name + Price

Banners 240х400,
728х90 and others

Ad Format

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