Dynamic Retargeting
Behavioural Targeting
Contextual Targeting


If your site is like most e-commerce websites, 98% of visitors leave without making a purchase. Retargeting is a technology that helps you reach this audience and bring it back to your site.

Retargeting: how does it work?

Retail AdLabs remembers all users who left the site without placing and order. Within seconds, our technology is ready to show personalised ads to these users on the sites of our network.

Our prediction algorithms take dozens of factors into account to determine the ideal time and place to shows retargeting ads to each user. When the order is made, we take it into account and stop showing ads, until a new retargeting trigger arises.

Retargeting increases
the number of orders by up to 100%.

Case studies speak
for themselves

Why does retargeting work?

Ads are shown to users that are likely to make a purchase. Our algorithms take into account users' behaviour on merchant's sites, past order history, average decision making time for a particular product and other factors.

Retargeting works great in tandem with more traditional context and search campaigns that bring new audience to the site.


High conversion rate


Only reaches existing customers/visitors

Ad format

Picture (200х200)
+ Product name + Price

Banners 240х400,
728х90 and others

How does it work?

The simplest way to use retargeting is to install a tracking pixel on all pages of your site, including the order page.

This tracker places cookies on your users' computers in order to anonymously 'follow' them around the web. When a potential buyer visits one of the sites in our publisher network, we can identify the user and show ads relevant to her interests.

Ad Format

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