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Site requirements

All sites added to the system are reviewed within 48 hours.

Site requirements

Average traffic of at least 100 visitors per day in the last 30 days before the submission date.

Traffic should be verified by an independent web analytics service. You should be willing to provide access to these statistics.

Site cannot be located on a free hosting service.

We do not accept

Sites that contain or host content that is illegal or that violates any applicable laws or regulations under any applicable law of any jurisdiction.

Sites that contain adult or non-family safe content.

Sites that overuse aggressive ad formats such as pop-up, pop-under, interstitial and similar.

Sites that may contain or transmit malicious software code; blacklisted sites.

Sites that are under construction; unfinished sites.

Sites that do not have unique content.

Sites that are in any way associated with pay-per-view services; sites that encourage its visitors to engage with ads.

Sites that acquire traffic from traffic exchanges, pay-per-view systems and similar sources.

Restrictions, prohibited actions

Click and impression fraud of any kind.

Redirecting users without consent.

Altering the content of the ad unit in any way.

Masking or changing the referrer.

Placing ad units on sites other than those that are approved in the system.

Site suspension

The administration retains the right to stop ad serving on any site at any time.

If fraudulent actions are discovered, earnings related to such actions may not be paid.


Payments are made two times a month, between 1st and 5th day and between 16th and 20th day of the month. Payment threshold is 260 Rubles.

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