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Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting targeting delivers maximum reach. Unlike other targetings in Retail AdLabs, it is based solely on the site content rather than user profiles.

Contextual Targeting: How does it work?

Fashion ad campaigns run alongside fashion content, products for children are advertised on parenting sites.

Contextual targeting provides maximum reach and allows merchants to contact wide audience.

Shopping catalogues powered by Retail AdLabs

A lot of our publishers use Retail Adlabs to run shopping sections on their websites (shop.wmj.ru,shop.passion.ru).

Our product makes it easy to search for clothes and shoes and allows users to search by size, color and style across many merchants.


Maximum reach


Low/medium conversion rate

Ad format

Picture (200х200)
+ Product name + Price


Ads can feature information about your promotions such as free delivery, discounts, gifts and others. This increases both CTR and the conversion rate.

On the landing page the user sees a promo code that can be used to redeem the offer.

Ad Format

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